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Prescription refills

Prescriptions are written for a specified period of time. We expect you to schedule a follow-up appointment with our office prior to your prescription expiring. In order to provide quality care, our physicians need to monitor your condition periodically and ensure your compliance with your medications. This is only accomplished if you are seen on a regular basis.

It is our office policy to deny requests for refills unless an appointment is made. Once an appointment is scheduled, the physician will issue a refill that will last until your next appointment. If appointments are repeatedly cancelled, prescriptions will not be refilled.

When refills are necessary, please contact your pharmacy directly. Your pharmacy will contact our office with the necessary information to approve the refill request. Please allow 2-3 business days for processing of your refill requests. Hence do not wait till the last moment. Requests for prescription refills are accepted during normal business hours, from Monday through Friday only.

Mail-in order prescriptions wherein the physician has to complete paperwork, may be subject to $5.00 fee per form.

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